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Benefits to you as a candidate:

  • just as we seek high-calibre candidates for our clients, we seek high-calibre employers for you
  • we take the time to learn about your goals, preferences, and ambitions to ensure we introduce you only to employers who can meet your needs
  • you'll have the advantage of our contact network... we'll put you in touch with opportunities you'd never otherwise hear about
  • you'll find that our face-to-face interview will put you at ease and give you an opportunity to express what's really important to you - as an individual, not a stereotype of your vocation
  • you are assured of the utmost confidentiality and discretion - and of being treated with the respect and personal attention you deserve
  • you'll benefit from our reputation for professionalism and integrity - we'll never play games with your career
  • we help you take a career-path approach rather than a job-to-job approach
  • your job satisfaction is important to us... after all, your success determines our success
  • you'll be introduced to interesting challenges and growth opportunities, and we'll help you move forward in terms of career progression and remuneration
  • we'll view you as a person, not a dollar sign; our Project Managers don't rely on commissions, so you know their advice will reflect your best interests
  • you'll approach every client interview secure in the knowledge that we've done our homework - you'll be qualified for the role and well informed about the opportunity and the environment
  • we believe in forging long-term relationships - in fact, many of our candidates have become our clients

To find out more about Landon Morgan services, call us at (905) 641-2476 or email team@landonmorgan.com.